Graves Menu Maker Foods is Now Graves Foods!

Graves Menu Maker Foods is Now Graves Foods!

Graves Menu Maker Foods has rebranded and is proud to introduce Graves Foods. The transformation comes during a year of embracing new technologies to allow for greater efficiency and accuracy; Graves Foods is pleased to be able to pass along the benefits of these updates to our customers. The goal of the rebrand is for the new face of the brand to reflect our continued commitment to technological excellence.


Additionally, our rebrand is an expression of the commitment to Graves Foods customers, both current and future, as well as its’ employees. The areas of technological enhancements that will continue to allow for Graves Foods to excel in Broadline Food Distribution include, but are not limited to:

  • Mobile and intuitive online ordering. These new ordering tools will create easier accessibility, increase convenience, and provide real time updates and information.
  • Improved consulting software provides robust and relevant suggestions for items that you or your organization may need to fulfill and enhance orders.
  • Customers can now track their orders while delivery trucks are enroute and understand precisely when their orders will arrive. This will allow customers to better plan for deliveries which will help Graves Food’s customers with scheduling and overall efficiency of the delivery process.
  • Our fleet of multi-temperature trucks maximize the efficiency and condition of deliveries as dry, refrigerated, and frozen goods are packed, shipped and delivered together.
  • Automated pallet wrappers have been implemented for shipping and receiving. This will ensure that products arrive in the highest quality condition from Graves Foods.

The enhancements mentioned above are a direct expression of Graves Foods’ commitment and dedication to enhancing our customer’s experience.  Our mission is to equip our customers with the tools proven to leverage long-term success.

Graves Menu Maker Foods is Now Graves Foods!