Quality Food Worth Writing Home About

The dining hall is one of the prime social centers at camp. Graves Foods can help you enhance yours by providing appetizing and nutritious meals for campers of all ages. We provide diverse menu options to satisfy even the pickiest eaters. Cost analysis and regular maintenance checks will keep your camp on budget and your products delivered on time.

Let our professionals assist your camp in making it a positive and fun experience for all.

Diverse Menu Options

Graves Foods’ experienced staff understands the diverse appetites of campers in all age groups. We have many satisfying and diverse menu options to turn your customers into some very happy campers.

Enriched Experience

“Camp food” can truly enrich the camping experience. Let our superior dining services make your camping venture memorable and enjoyable. Graves Foods can help you manage the dining hall as the entertainment and social center, while still serving its primary function of preparing appetizing and nutritious meals for your campers.

Additional Services

Dedicated Sales Team

Graves Food’s professional sales consultants will design and provide cost analysis on your menu to make sure your camp maintains your desired food cost. Our sales team performs regular reviews with their customers to bring fresh ideas and products to your attention. Our sales consultants are equipped with state-of-the-art sales software allowing them to quickly navigate through our catalog of over 4,000 items, which ensures your orders are comprehensive, accurate and on time.

Marketing Solutions

Graves Foods has the ability to work with you to design custom menus and programs that compliment your program and bring your camp to life.

Menu Services
  • consult
  • cost analysis
  • design
  • print
  • laminate

Non-Food Solutions

We have everything you need. From ovens, grill and flattops to cleaning chemicals, Graves Foods has the right products to outfit your entire establishment. Our chemical department can supply any cleaning or disinfecting solutions, and our GMMF-employed technicians will install and calibrate machinery to the manufacturer’s specs.

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