Graves Foods has an array of departments and specialists to provide customers with the knowledge and resources to succeed. Whether you are just getting started or needing some extra guidance, our highly-skilled professionals will have you covered.

Sales Department

Our sales department is dedicated to getting you the quality products and service you need at a fair price. Our professional sales consultants provide cost analysis on your menu in order to ensure profitably for your business.

Graves Foods’ Sales Department regularly brings new ideas and products to increase the profitability of your business. Our state-of-the-art sales software takes orders quickly and efficiently, so our sales consultants can spend their time helping you improve your business.

  • Design and Provide Cost Analysis on Menus
  • Cost-effective Menu Solutions and Ideas
  • Routine Maintenance Checks on Service Levels
  • Online Ordering Software

Healthcare Department

Graves Foods is the first independent distributor in the Midwest to offer customizable menus to help healthcare facilities stay within budget while still providing residents with quality food.

Our healthcare department can provide PPD management via pre-set order guides and inventory control tools, allowing facilities to stay within their budgets. Our professional healthcare dietitians review menus to help meet requirements for special diets like those with Diabetes or Dysphasia. Our on-hand specialists will ensure your healthcare facility thrives with high-quality service and products.

Education Department

Our talented Education Department will keep your school on budget and up-to-date by performing consistent business reviews to address issues or new trends of available items. We research and offer creative and compliant menu options that follow the nutritional standards of the education system. We provide NOI processing and a sophisticated bid process that allows schools to work closely with manufacturer partners to offer the lowest cost per semester. Our team is a certified member of the Missouri School Nutrition Association and dedicated to your school’s success.

Logistics Department

The Graves Foods logistics team will ensure timely and successful deliveries to your business. We offer consistent routing, so customers will always know when their order will arrive. Our logistics team offers reliable customer service that keeps your business running smoothly.

  • Timely and Consistent Deliveries
  • Online order tracking
  • Static Routing
  • Next Day Delivery
  • Friendly Customer Service

Operations Department

Our Operations department is in charge of receiving and shipping merchandise while maintaining product integrity. Our state-of-the-art voice pick system traces every item in the warehouse to ensure food safety. Food safety is a priority at Graves Foods. As such, we are an industry leader in food traceability and are able to track all movement of every item from the moment it hits our dock.

  • Item Tracking Software
  • Routine Food & Equipment Checks
  • Friendly Customer Service