Safe and Seamless Menu Access For Your Customers

The prevalence of “no-touch” menus through scannable QR codes has been growing since the COVID-19 pandemic. These QR codes provide your customers with easy access to your menus and turning your menu into a QR code is easier than you might think. We made this simple “How To” guide to help you transfer your menus to scannable QR codes to keep your customers safe and your business growing. 

  1. Make your menu a PDF file 
    • If your menu is saved as a file, open the document and save it as a PDF file.
    • If your menu does not have a file form yet, simply open a Word document or Google Sheet and type the contents of your menu into the document.
      • If your menu is in a Word document, click “File” → “Save As” → “Browse” and then click the “Save as file type” and select “PDF” in the drop-down menu.
      • If your menu is in a Google Sheet click “File” → “Download” → “PDF Document” (.pdf).
  2. Create your free account at
    • Select “Sign Up” in the top right corner.
    • Fill in the fields for “Select Your Industry”, “Work Email”, and “Password”. In the last field “Select your print material,” scroll down and select “Menu”.
    • Click “Sign Up Now”.
    • Go to the email you put in for your free account, open the email from QR Code Generator and click the blue “Activate Account” button. 
  3. Upload your menu PDF
    • Once you activate your account log in with your email and password: 
    • Click “Create QR Code” in the top right corner.
    • In the “Select your QR Code type” drop-down menu choose “Restaurants & Bars”.
    • Select “Create a contactless menu” and click “Next”.
    • Upload your menu PDF file in the “Upload PDF” Section.
  4. Design your Menu
    • To design your menu follow the next steps. If you want the QR code to link only to the PDF check the “Link directly to PDF” box and click “Next.”
      • Pick the color scheme you want in “Design & Customization” 
      • Pick from premade schemes or select your own colors in the two boxes at the bottom of the section.
      • You can see the preview of the menu on the right side of the page
      • Fill out the fields you want in the “Basic Information” section. 
        • Field options are “Company”, “Title”, “Description” and “Website”
        • If you do not want to fill out all of these fields, make sure you delete the content that is put in the fields automatically.
      • Upload your logo to the “Welcome Screen” “Image” section and click “Next”
  5. Customize your QR code
    • You can customize how your QR code will look by changing the “Frame”, “Colors”, “Code” and “Logo”. 
  6. Download your QR code
    • Click the download button to save your QR code.

Congratulations! You now have a scannable QR code for your customers to access your menu. You can use this code however you want. Print it as a sticker and put it on your tables, have it available at an ordering counter, you can even use it on your website for customers to access. This is an easy and safe way for your customers and hard-working employees to access your menu.