You May KNOW This, but Are You DOING It?

We know there are no silver bullet solutions to the current labor crisis. However, there are many restaurants that have developed new recruiting strategies that are attracting more applicants and resulting in more new hires.

Here’s a list of recruiting activities to consider. Some may be new, others you may have used in the past. In either case, maybe it’s time to widen your recruiting net to come into contact with more potential candidates.

Never take any hiring decision lightly. Who you hire today determines what your company will be like tomorrow.

– Mel Kleiman, Humetrics

  • Have an employee referral program. Our members consistently tell us this is, without a doubt, their most effective source of recruiting not just MORE applicants, but the HIGHER quality applicants too. BUT, not all referral programs are created equal. Learn how to set up one that motivates your people to get excited and actively participate.
  • Get in touch with past employees. Former employees who left on good terms may want to come back. Yes, it is possible! If they’re happy where they are, that’s okay, you just paid them a big compliment and they’ll remember if they ever have an inkling to come back sometime in the future. Also, ask if they know of anyone who may be interested.
  • Let your customers know. Your loyal customers want you to succeed and would likely be eager to send a good candidate your way. Everyone knows restaurants struggling to find help and they have an incentive for you to maintain your hours and service standards. Put recruiting messages on your website, social media platforms, sales receipts, table tents, to-go packaging, etc.
  • Ask your new hires. Why not ask your new employees, on their first day, if they know anyone they would like to work with who may be interested in working here too. The prospect of working with a friend can be a strong motivator, especially to someone young and new.
  • Hand out recruiting cards to your managers and team members. The cost of having a couple of thousand business cards is nothing if it leads to even one or two good new hires. Give your people cards to pass out to friendly, on-the-ball people at the grocery, convenience store, wherever. Put a CR code on the card to apply online, a phone number, and a few lines about what makes your restaurant a great place to work.
  • Get rid of your Help Wanted- signs. Nobody notices them anymore. Replace them with something funny, clever, attention-getting. Come join our amazing team.- Flexible schedule, good pay, fun place to work, mean manager. (three out of four ain’t bad)
  • Get buttons for your team to wear, Ask me why I love working here and you will too. – We suggest talking this one over with your team before ordering the buttons.

Be creative, try something new and you may be surprised at what could bring in some new applicants and promising new team members.