We’re in it Together!

Graves Foods proudly delivers groceries and supply solutions to our local businesses in the Midwest. As the workforce dampens and food supply prices rise, Graves is here to support our customers and local businesses by providing resources to help combat issues the Food Service industry is currently experiencing. One major issue businesses in the industry currently face is managing inventory with food shortages.

Some common items currently in shortage are onion rings, breaded cheese products such as mozzarella sticks, breaded chicken products, and fried potato products such as tater tots. We found a great way to overcome this obstacle is using products that are not in shortage to make these hard-to-get products in-house while also limiting the need for additional labor.

There are two ways to do this. First, order eggs and flour to make your own batter to make these products. Second, order a “pre-dip” that can be made into a batter to fry/bread the unavailable products. We ensure these solutions do not create a need for more labor by providing disposable trays to hold the in-house-made batter for fast production and easy cleanup.

Below is a list of the products Graves Foods offers to fulfill this food shortage solution and their item numbers to make your ordering process seamless.

Product List & Item Numbers

  • Large Shell Eggs – Item #50100
  • All-purpose Enriched Bleached Flour – #56725
  • Batter, Pre Dip Egg/Milk Replacement – #57055
  • Yellow Jumbo Onion – #01988